Friday, April 26, 2013

A sudden change in plans!

Finally I can post about Warren's last Doctors appointment.  I have had a week to let it sink in and process it all.  A week to think about what will transpire for our little guy over the next 10 years or so.  Before Warren came home we thought his only need was the malformed right foot.  We also thought that could be fixed by a reconstructive surgery.  Then we got home and got the surprise diagnosis of fibular hemimilia.  Our only option was amputation, or so we thought!

Enter our new Doctor who never even mentioned amputation!  His plan will be harder but it will give Warren a chance at keeping his foot!  So the plan is to do a surgery on his ankle to put it in the right position.  Possibly at the same time or a few months later he will have his first lengthening surgery.  He will be in an external fixator for at least 6 months and we will expand it every night.  We hope to get 5 cm out of this lengthening.  He will have a second lengthening between the ages of 6-10 where we hope to get the final 8 cm so his legs will be even.  Somewhere in there we are going to throw in that reconstructive surgery for his foot too.  There are going to be a lot of doctors visits and physical therapy for our guy too!

So that is the plan in a nut shell.  We love the doctor which is good since I am going to be seeing him so much!  We are waiting for the doctor to decide if the ankle and first lengthening will be done together or separate.  If he does them separate we wll go ahead with the ankle ASAP.  If they are together I would prefer to wait till after our Disney trip in September.  I would like for him to have his first summer home without a fixator.  I am hoping to hear the plan soon so we can begin our journey.

It's going to be long and hard road, but its worth it for Warren.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter and beyond!

Once again time and the blog got away from me!  Blame it on Doctor appointments, therapy and life!  So here is my half attempt at catching up! 
We will start with Easter festivities!  Once again we went to the local Easter egg drop! This is our favorite Easter hunt and it was extra special this year because Warren was celebrating his first Easter!

And what better thing to do after an egg hunt than playing at the park(AKA wearing out the kids!)

We also spent some time at the zoo! 

Of course we took some time out of our busy schedule to dye Easter eggs!  Another first for Warren!

Finally the day came!  Easter morning!  For some reason this year it looked more like Christmas.  But it did make for two happy kiddoes!

Finally after Easter we had a few more warm days!  This winter has been long and cold.  We are so excited to finally get outside again!


Since the weather has been so nice we decided to go to the zoo with Sophie Su!

Yesterday we headed downtown to a birthday party on a pirate ship!  The kids were thrilled about it and had been looking forward to it since we got the invitation!

And finally today we were back at the park soaking in some rays with Grayce and Jack!

The kids also had a photo shoot done in the last two weeks!   We had to go on two different days because it was a "rainy day shoot"!  The kids loved it and I love the way they turned out!

Kinda scary to see my two behind the driver's wheel!  Of course Jaden is all serious with both hands on the wheel while Warren is doing it one handed!  Definitely a look into my future!