Sunday, April 29, 2012

And now the mad rush begins!

So take a look at what we got yesterday!
Yep, it is the LAST piece of paper we need to finish our dossier! Our immigration approval. We got it 4 days after walking in to get our fingerprints! The approval is the same date we got our fingerprints! You rock US*IS!!! So now the fun beings! Monday will start the notarizing, certifying and authentication process! Since we live in Ohio we have an extra step. My plan is to be have it notarized and walk it through the county clerk tomorrow! Then it is on to the Secretary of state and finally the Chinese Consulate in New York! After that to the agency and then to CHINA!!! It feels great to be almost done.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fingerprints and Are you Kidding me?

Well we got our fingerprint appointment letter on Saturday. Our appointment was scheduled for 5/15! We through caution to the wind and walked in today and we had no problems!!! They were happy to take us early. Of course Jaden was with us and the lady was nice enough to "take" Jaden's fingerprints! We were outta there in 20 minutes! And the shocker is that once I got home I had to call the US*IS office to let them know that I had gone in early, I actually got a real person who put me right through to my officer. I got her voice mail and left a message and 5 minutes later she called me back! Yes she did! And told me she would check the prints and mail it out today or tomorrow because she had already looked at my paperwork!!! And get this, she emailed me to let me know it was approved and in the mail!!! Holy crap! This is the LAST big paperwork before we are DTC. We just have to have it notarized, certified and authenticated! Back in the day, you know with Jaden's adoption you were not allowed to call the US*IS! And when we did Jaden's adoption we waited 65 days from fingerprints to approval! Holy cow this was a shock to me! We are getting closer and closer to Warren!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So it was a week ago today that the US*IS got their little hands on my I800A. I am sure they are working very hard on our application but I am pretty sure they are not working as hard as they would like me to think they are! You see Monday morning at 1:44 A.M. I got a text message from them telling me they now have my application! I guess they would like me to believe that they were working on it at that exact moment, but I am pretty sure they were not. My guess is that they set up these text to go off at some crazy hour to stress those of us who are already going a little crazy after dealing with all the paperwork. I can tell you that my heart skipped a beat when it went off because who would text you at 1:44 A.M. if it was not an emergency! Now we are waiting on our official letter to come in the mail so we can just walk-in and do our fingerprints. That should shave a few days off our wait!
And in other news, today I got my birth certificate and marriage license back from the Houston consulate. And once again I got a little stressed out! Why you ask? Back in the old adoption days, you know in the I600A days when you got your forms back from the consulate they looked a little something like this...
Thats a copy of what Jaden's looked like way back in 2006. But today I got the stuff back and there was no special sheet stapled to my forms! Nope there was this little sticker taped to the back of my Secretary of state paper!
This REALLY stressed me out because I thought something was wrong but no it seems that is how they do things these days! I feel a little let down that I didn't get a whole sheet of paper but at least I got a cool sticker! Oh how I miss the I600A days!

Friday, April 6, 2012

More room pictures...

Nothing new in the adoption but I do need to post pictures of some progress to the room. This blog is mainly kept so that Warren will have a record of what we did while waiting for him. But it is also so that my family, who live 13 hours away can follow along with our lives. So I want to post pictures so they can see what everything looks like and not miss out.
Anyway we bought this dresser at IKEA and it did not look this big in the store! I love it but it is huge! Poor Warren only has enough clothes to fit in one of the small drawers! I guess we need to work on that!
Jaden was a big "help" getting the dresser put together. She put together a few of the drawers with her hammer and of course Daddy was supervising!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I800A app. on it's way!!!

Yesterday we headed to Fed-ex to ship the I800A application along with all the other stuff they needed! They should have it by tomorrow and now they actually send you an email and/or text you that they got it! They sure didn't do that with Jaden's adoption! So now we are one more step closer to Warren!