Sunday, April 29, 2012

And now the mad rush begins!

So take a look at what we got yesterday!
Yep, it is the LAST piece of paper we need to finish our dossier! Our immigration approval. We got it 4 days after walking in to get our fingerprints! The approval is the same date we got our fingerprints! You rock US*IS!!! So now the fun beings! Monday will start the notarizing, certifying and authentication process! Since we live in Ohio we have an extra step. My plan is to be have it notarized and walk it through the county clerk tomorrow! Then it is on to the Secretary of state and finally the Chinese Consulate in New York! After that to the agency and then to CHINA!!! It feels great to be almost done.


  1. ahhhh that brings back fond memories..NOT! we got ours out of the blue and i had enough time in the day to run up to CCAI to get it notarized, and then dash to the SOS and then fed ex it before it closed to get authenticated!!!! so close to the end of the mad paper chase!!!!!:)

  2. Wow - that's great news! My little guy is waiting for me in Henan. I just finished my HS ... hoping for a smooth UCIS visit myself! ~ Nancy