Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fingerprints and Are you Kidding me?

Well we got our fingerprint appointment letter on Saturday. Our appointment was scheduled for 5/15! We through caution to the wind and walked in today and we had no problems!!! They were happy to take us early. Of course Jaden was with us and the lady was nice enough to "take" Jaden's fingerprints! We were outta there in 20 minutes! And the shocker is that once I got home I had to call the US*IS office to let them know that I had gone in early, I actually got a real person who put me right through to my officer. I got her voice mail and left a message and 5 minutes later she called me back! Yes she did! And told me she would check the prints and mail it out today or tomorrow because she had already looked at my paperwork!!! And get this, she emailed me to let me know it was approved and in the mail!!! Holy crap! This is the LAST big paperwork before we are DTC. We just have to have it notarized, certified and authenticated! Back in the day, you know with Jaden's adoption you were not allowed to call the US*IS! And when we did Jaden's adoption we waited 65 days from fingerprints to approval! Holy cow this was a shock to me! We are getting closer and closer to Warren!


  1. USCIS rocks lately! they are SUPER friendly:) glad you got in quickly! you just shaved off 3 weeks of waiting!

  2. Not sure what they have done but it is so much better.