Friday, May 4, 2012

Off to the Consulate!!!

After a week with a trip to the notary, a lost homestudy in the mail by UPS which was later found, Having to call and remind the county clerk that they have to mail the homestudy back to me, two trips to the county clerk because they forgot to stamp two forms and one trip downtown to the Secretary of State, I finally mailed all of our papers off to the Chinese Consulate today!!! Well they are actually on there way to the courier who will take it to the Consulate! It feels great to have this all done. It does not feel so great to have my papers on a Fed-Ex truck with out me being there though! I will breath a sigh of relief when they are back in my hand! Next step will be on to our agency! I have to say that Jaden was there with me EVERY step of the way! And in every office that we went in and had to sit and wait I was told that she was so well behaved so in honor of that today she got to go and pick out her hearts desire! Another mermaid!
And she is now sound asleep holding tightly to her new Mermaid! I have to send out a huge thank you to my friend Kelley who went with me downtown because I am terrified of driving downtown. As a matter of fact when I had to drive to downtown Nashville to the Secretary of State's office for Jaden's adoption I ran into the side of the building and dented our van. I was so scared that would happen again! I am happy to say we made the trip with no dents this time!!!


  1. We are right behind you!

    Our daughter is in Zhoukou and our Consulate documents will be sent to the courier in Chicago via fed ex tonight!!!

    Good luck!!!

  2. i hear you-- i always hated putting my precious documents in the fed ex envelope-- i would always pray over them first.. this is what makes the process soooo hard-- you have to depend upon OTHER people to do their job WELL. argh

  3. Congratulations on this big step. You are so close to being DTC! I hope the rest of your process sails and that you are in China ASAP to get your son.