Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just when things were looking good...

Well the plan was to finally be DTC this week. I guess plans are meant to be broken because it's not happening! Our agency called yesterday to say we had a few issues. The first one being that Rusty's passport was not signed. No biggie he could sign it and we could email a copy to them. Of course it's pretty funny that this is the same passport that Rusty went to China on and no one ever noticed it was not signed! Oh well easy fix. The second problem is that since we have started the process they now require the Homestudy agency to notarize the letters of reference and our agency had not sent them. So HOPEFULLY they will forward those onto our adoption agency ASAP! And the final problem which of course had never happened before was that the Consulate had authenticated a copy of my birth certificate and not the original! We have no idea where the original is and can only guess that it is at the Consulate and our courier refuses to ask them is they have it! So now we are starting over with the Birth certificate! Because my mother is so WONDERFUL she got a new birth certificate issued and got it certified by the Secretary of State withing 3 hours of me getting the call from our agency! Thanks Mom!!! Today she overnighted it all to the courier and she will have it by tomorrow. Once it is authenticated correctly we hope, it will be forwarded to my adoption agency. The agency has let me know that once they have everything it will be sent to China! So if everything goes the way it should we should be DTC the end of next week! Please let that happen!


  1. Praying all goes well and you're DTC next week!!! Hang in there!! :)

  2. moms rock! and i am so sorry for these delays-- it is frustrating, it makes you want to hit your head against something hard. i usually bring out the root beer and good plenty on those days.. really hoping you're done with this soon!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about this snag. I'm sure it will be resolved soon and you will be DTC in no time! I know what it is like when you are trying to get your child home. Just remember that you are doing everything in your power. You are working as quickly as you can, but so much of the process is simply out of your control. Enjoy and appreciate your last few weeks as a family of three and Warren will be here before you know it!