Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An early picture of Warren!

Ever since we have started this adoption I have been looking for a picture of the Zhoukou orphanage! I knew that it was new but no one had ever seen a picture of it. I have looked and looked on all the Chinese sites and never found it. Last night I decided to try a new Chinese search engine. It didn't take long until I finally saw it! I was shocked with how nice it was because I was expecting the worst. And then something else caught my eye! Most of the pictures were outside the orphanage with the older children and I could see the playground in the back where Warren's new pictures were taken. The last picture made me catch my breath! There was one picture inside the orphanage and inside the baby room. The caption read "A very cute baby"! And staring back at me was our little man!
He always had the same serious look on his face. I can't wait to get him home and put a smile on his face! The pictures were taken in January 2011 so he was 6 months old. I have never seen the babies bundled up like this in a sitting position. He looks very warm! So happy to have another picture of him!(I had a few friends look at it before I posted and everyone said it is him no doubt!)


  1. He looks great!! thanks for sharing. love j

  2. Where did you search? We have been searching for more information about the orphanage as well. We have a little girl waiting in Zhoukou as well.