Friday, May 25, 2012

We have a party animal on our hands!

I was so happy to get an email from my new friend Kim who is also adopting from Zhoukou and from the same agency and we are on the same timeline!!! We are both hoping to travel together to get our cuties. This morning she got an email with tons of pictures of her little girl Lucy at her birthday party. And lucky for me one of the little party guests just happened to be Warren! I now have 25 more pictures of our little guy!
From the looks of it he is not a fan of the birthday candle!
Love these pictures of party girl Lucy feeding Warren cake!
He looks so sad in this picture but I think it was after a melt down where he was trying to eat someone else's cake! Once he got cake for himself he was ok!
I am so thankful for these pictures! Thank you Kim! After seeing these pictures, especially the ones of him throwing a fit(which I did not post) I think they may be right when they described him as being naughty! Boy are we gonna have our hands full with this one!

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  1. We are also adopting from the Zhoukou SWI and I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago. My son is also in these pictures!!! Nathan is the little boy with the malformed ear. If you have any others with him in it, I would love to see them :) My email address is and our blog is Thank you so much!