Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh happy day!

So yesterday ranked pretty high up there on my happy day poll. It started because I had found the picture of Warren when he was only 6 months. And it ended when I checked my email last night and found a major unexpected surprise! And what was that Surprise you may ask? Well it was this...
Yep! An updated picture of Warren!!! He looks so grown up! He looks 5 instead of 22 months!!! The shock of it was that we had never asked for an update. I mean we asked for one 3 months ago and we got it but this one was not expected!!! I try not to bother our agency often so I decided I would wait till after LID to ask for another update. Well guess I didn't need to ask!!!


  1. We got a surprise email too!!!! 2 pictures this morning completely by surprise!!!! The last (and only) photos we had were last fall. She is sooo grown up now...will be 2 this month. She actually looks a little like Warren!! I need to email you her photos! I guess Zhoukou did a round of photos. Email me your contact info and I'll send you the photos. Working on my blog....hope to publish very soon!!! So exciting!! I think we may be traveling together to get our little ones!

  2. He looks great. So mature, and so cute.