Friday, June 1, 2012

Drowning my sorrows...

I have been pretty down in the dumps since we got the bad new about our dossier this week. So I decided I needed to drown my sorrows in the only way I legally could with a three year old in tow! :-) So today Jaden and I decided to go on a little shopping trip. I have been pretty good about not buying many clothes for Warren because I learned my lesson with Jaden. I bought tons of clothes, a lot of which were small and then I was referred a giant Chinese baby! She may have been 8 months when she came home but she never wore anything smaller than 18 months. So for Warren I am waiting. I have bought a few shirts which I am buying in 3T but I only but them on sale. So today I decided we needed to send another care package to Warren so off to Toys R Us we went. I found three summer shirts and Jaden picked out three toys for him. Of course we also go some snacks for Warren and his friends!
After that we headed to the mall for lunch and just a little more shopping. I decided now was the perfect time to get Warren's coming home outfit! We did it for Jaden so we have to do it for Warren too. Jaden had a red, white and blue dress so Warren had to have something red, white and blue. Of course with July 4th just around the corner now was the best time so off to Gymboree we went! I found two shirts I liked so he can wear one to the Consulate and one at the airport when we get home!
Now onto the progress on the Dossier. The courier now has my birth certificate and will be taking it to the Consulate and then it will be overnighted to my agency once it has been authenticated. My homestudy agency finally called and they found my letter's of reference and they are on the way to the agency today. So if all goes as planned our agency should have everything by Thursday at the latest and we should be DTC next Friday! Let's all hope and pray that happens!!!

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  1. retail therapy rocks!!!!i did several target trips during our LOA wait!!!!!