Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday( a little late)

So Warren's birthday was the 18th! And of course Jaden and I had a little party at home(daddy was in Chicago)
And while we were celebrating someone else was doing the same across the ocean!
He looks so big! I can't wait to get my hands on him. The day after his birthday we got a box in the mail from my wonderful friend Delaine who sent a few things for Warren!
She also sent a few quilt squares for Warren's quilt.
We have also gotten a few other quilt squares from our China family!
And I was in a quilt swap where we got a few more squares.
19 down 81 to go! I have done very little to get ready for this trip which should be fast approaching, but I finally did get the gifts that we need to bring with us. Thank goodness for a friend who works for Limited and gets discounted gift cards at Bath and body. And it really helps when they had there semi-annual sell! I loaded up!
So that is one thing marked off my list, just one!

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