Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A little update on Warren!

Its hard to believe that Warren has been with us for over 7 months!  He has done so well in those seven months with all he has gone through.  He has had more Doctor's appointments in those 7 months then I have in 10 years.  I can't say he goes in willingly because he starts crying the minute we walk in the door.  Luckily for him(and myself) we are done with appointments for a few months! 

We have decided to hold off on any of his surgeries until after the summer and after our Disney vacation in September.  We decided he had not been home long enough and we wanted him to enjoy his first summer home.  He loves spending his time outside running and playing!  I am sure we will be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer.

He still has more energy that most kids.  He goes from the time he gets up till 9:00!  His English is off the charts and he is using words in the correct context.  His therapist even said he is saying sentences on a 4 year old level!  His gross motor skills are also above average for his age.  He loves cutting lines with his sisters scissors every chance he gets.

He will sit and play with toys a little longer but refuses to watch any TV which is good in a way but it would be nice if he would watch a little while I tried to get things done.  He is terrified or any kind of bug.  If there is any kind of bug on the slide he refuses to go down unless we move it!

Things are not all roses though.  He has really tested my patience.  He is not a good listener and we have to tell him a couple of times before he will do as told.  We always joke that if he would have been the first child he would have been the only!  He definitely keeps us on our twos! 

He is still having issues from the orphanage but they are getting better.  He still hand bangs at night which was a coping mechanism he used there.  He has night terrors every now and then.  Today he had his worst one yet during nap time.  He woke up and was hitting something unseen by me but so real to him.  He cried for an hour before he finally fell asleep, nothing I could do would calm him down.  I wish I knew what he went through so I could understand him better. 

The past seven months have definitely been hard but they have also been rewarding!  He was meant to be our son and fits in perfectly! 

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  1. He is adorable and congratulations on 7 months. My oldest son was like him always on the go! I survived and even went on to have 3 more children after him. Now we are in the process of adopting. Praying for a quiet one! Though I will take whatever the Lord gives me1