Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little update on the patient!

So we are almost 7 weeks post op for Warren and he is doing great!  Just before Thanksgiving he decided he was ready to walk and since then he has been walking non stop!  He can walk up and down stairs with no problem!  He has even been sledding!  Rusty made a plate to put on the bottom so he could walk better.  We are done with the lengthening this time and we are just waiting for the bone to harden.  We had a Dr. appointment 2 weeks ago where we learned his bone was hardening faster then expected and we were getting ready to take off the fixator early!  The plan is to go back to the doctor 12/27 and take the final xray and schedule the removal surgery!!! So we are more than a month ahead of schedule.  So far praise God we have had no infections or any problems at all.  I was prepared for the worse but happy to have the outcome we did!  Warren is definitely our little super hero!!!

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