Monday, February 13, 2012

I got nothing!

Well I got nothing for you but I just feel like I have to update. I don't want his blog book to be empty while Jaden's has volume after volume! The only thing we have done adoption wise this past week is we had to re-do our Mississippi child abuse clearance request because it was not done on the homestudy agencies letterhead. By now it should be back in Mississippi and I am sure it will be completed soon! Fingers crossed.
One other thing I have done is ordered Warren's bed set. Since his daddy is so into airplanes I decided to go with an airplane theme. I now have the bedset and the curtains ordered. I have also found a few pictures I want to order. Warren will be using Jaden's crib, you know the one that she NEVER slept one day or night in! I want to keep him in the crib until we find out what we will need to do about his foot. He may have other plans and my end up like his big sister and decide he likes sleeping with mommy! I will have no problem with that! Jaden's plan is that she will sleep with Warren, yhea right! All we will have left to get for his room is a dresser and night stand and we will get that soon! I really want his room done! Jaden's first room was done before we were even DTC for her. Her second room (after we moved!) was done two years before she came home! So I am running alittle behind on this room.
So here is a picture of his new bedding set!

I have asked our agency to contact the orphanage to let them know that we do not want Warren to have any surgery done in China just in case they get a whild hair. I am hoping that they will be nice enough to send an updated picture or two. We shall see!

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