Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Did I just set a new world record?

I feel like maybe I set a record with this adoption paperchase! Why you ask? Because I am DONE! Yep you read that right. Our homestudy was completed today by our wonderful social worker! Of course she has to write it up and wait for the child abuse clearance to come in. I have done all the paperwork that is needed for them and even all that is needed for our adoption agency. So now we wait for the homestudy report and then it is off to immigration. Once all of that is done everything will be sent to be notarized, certified and authenticated. I plan on walking everything in myself and then having the courier take it to the Consulate in New York!
We were not able to start any of the process other than our LOI until after PA which was 12/6/2011. Then of course the holidays were thrown in there and things just can't get done then. But it took less then 2 months to get it done! I am so happy to have it done. One more step down to our little man!

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