Sunday, August 26, 2012

Making progress!

First I have to say that we got our I800 approval and it was done 8/21! One more thing done! Second I never posted pictures from the day after LOA! You know the day that I stalked the Fed ex guy to get a picture, only for him to almost make a get away before I could get the picture of his truck after he delivered our LOA!
I have also made a little progress on preparing for our trip to China. First my wonderful friend Kelley bought Warren his own little backpack and I picked up a few things to put in it for Gotcha day...
I also made the trip for all of our medicine that we may need in China! $150 later and I feel like a walking medicine cabinet.
I have also gotten the kids' prescriptions for the trip! Need to make an appointment for mine. And we got the last thing we needed for Jaden to make the trip!
Jaden and I also headed to Build a Bear to make Warren a Teddy Bear!
The main purpose for the trip to the mall was to meet two new wonderful friends who are adopting their first daughter's from China! Luckily Jaden was on her best behavior and she didn't scare them off from adopting!
I can't wait to see both of their girl's in those jackets!

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