Friday, September 14, 2012

It's getting closer!

Well I can hardly believe it but we are getting so close to picking up Warren! Yesterday our Article 5(I have no clue what this is)was picked up in Guangzhou and is on it's way to Beijing. We are now waiting for our TA(travel approval)! I have seen these come from 8 days to 3 weeks after Article 5. After that our agency will find out our Consulate appointment and then flights will be booked! It is hard to believe that it has been less than a year since this started and we are almost on our way to China! It looks like I will not be getting an update on Warren before we go. I am going to plan for him being on the big side like his sister, but I will take a few smaller outfits just in case. Not sure if he is potty trained or still on a bottle, guess I will prepare for that just in case. Here at home we are nesting! The funny thing is that its not me but Rusty. He decided we needed to move all the furniture out of the living room and clean the carpets!
Jaden and I have gotten our flu shots for the trip and all of the prescriptions we hope not to need! Now I am planning Jaden's birthday party a month early which will be followed by Jaden's China sister reunion here the next weekend! But I am not stressed! This reunion will be very low key! Somewhere in there I have to take the dogs to Nashville to meet my parents so they can keep them while we are in China! The next few weeks are going to be a little hectic for sure! Jaden is so ready to go get her little brother! I really hope that she can help him feel more comfortable with his new family!


  1. I am dying for the update!!!!! Your pictures crack me up! Nesting, awesome!! Yay!!

  2. Go, Rusty, go! Love the idea of putting Jaden's first qipao in a shadow box. Must copy.... :)

  3. My husband did the same thing so funny..