Sunday, January 20, 2013

January, so far...

I wish I could say we have had a nice relaxing January but I would be wrong.  Once again we have so far had a busy month of running around.  And just when I thought we were done with the birthday party craze we have had two more!  Last weekend we headed down to Cinci for cousin Chase's 4th birthday!

Yesterday we added another 4 year old birthday party to Warren's calendar when we hit up Andrew's party!

I think we are done with birthdays for a little while now!  Poor Warren thinks America is just one big party after another.
It has been cold here of course so we haven't gotten outside much.  Warren has been a ball of energy!  So I have taken him to the indoor play park a few times to wear him down!

For some crazy reason we decided to brave the zoo Friday!  The temps were in the low 30's but once again I needed to let the kids burn off some energy!

Poor Warren also had a fever of 103 this week which we found out was caused by a double ear infection!  But even with a fever my boy smiles when the camera comes out!

Warren also got to meet his new BFF , Jack in a Skype call from China!  Jack's mommy is in China and we are keeping his new big sister in the afternoons while she is gone!  We can't wait to meet Jack!

This last week Warren's vocabulary has really taken off!  He is repeating a lot of what we say.  He has been approved for an hour of speech therapy a week and two weeks a month of early childhood intervention a month through our Help me Grow program.  All of that start in the next two weeks.  I can't wait to see the progress he makes!

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