Thursday, January 31, 2013

More fun with Warren!

Warren is probably the happiest kid I have ever met!  He hardly ever cries and pretty much always has a smile on his face.  He is not a big crier unless he is put in timeout.  The only negative thing is that he never stops!  He goes from the time he wakes up till the time he is put to bed and even while he is asleep he is still constantly moving.  I am physically drained by the end of the day with Warren.  There is nothing you can do to wear him down, believe me I have tried!  Everyone said it was just a boy but I have never seen a boy go as much as Warren.  We have been doing a lot of evaluations through the state for his speech and they seem to think he has some sensory issues.  This would explain his constant action and the head banging.  We are scheduled to have a OT evaluation this weekend and the plan is to get him on a sensory "diet" to help him and me!  Today we had a major break through with his playing.  Before today he would never stay with any activity for more than 2 minutes at a time.  He goes from toy to toy to toy.  But today we went to the store and bought tons of dried pinto beans(I am sure the cashier thought there was gonna be some major gas at my house!) and a rubbermaid container and we made our own sensory table!  It was a major hit and Warren actually set there and played with it for over an hour!  Yes my wild child did not move for an hour and focused on one thing!  I had to make him stop because it was nap time!

Hopefully after this weekend we will have more ideas of keeping our little guy occupied!

Warren started speech therapy this week but the first visit was more of an evaluation to see how he was doing.  We have all been shocked at his recent explosion in the English language!  He has added so many new words and phrases in the last few weeks.  He is still eating just about anything we put in front of him and asks for snacks all day!
We have had a few playdates lately with Warren's new pals!
Warren finally got to get together with his new pal Micah!  Luckily they got along just fine which is good since they are one of our favorite families!

Warren also got to go to the airport where he got to see his new pal Jack come home from China!(sorry Kelley I had to post it!)

Warren got to talk to his favorite Lady, Lucy Mei!  I hope these two never forget each other!

Warren got to go have his first playdate with Jack!  I am happy to report they seem to like each other!  Good thing!

And Warren was able to get some much needed love from his bog sister!  

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