Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playdates, The Dentist, Chinese New Year x2, Hockey and a plan!

Shock, two weeks have passed since I blogged but I am finding that it is harder to find time with two kids! Our two weeks have been packed with so many things!
Warren has had a couple of playdates with his friends!
Last week we went to the indoor playground in town to meet up with all his new buddies that have come home from China in the past few months!

We are so blessed to have so many BOYS coming home from China that are all around the same age and in the same town!  The only little guy we were missing was Micah who was on vacation!
On Friday we headed across the street for a playdate with the neighbors!  The kids loved that they got to make their own pizzas!

Last Monday we all three had an appointment with the dentist.  I was expecting Warren to have a few cavities due to his lack of dental care for the first 2 1/2 years of his life, but once again our little guy amazed us with perfect teeth!  He was not a big fan of the dentist but our dentist is Chinese and he spoke to Warren in Chinese and calmed him down!

On Sunday and Monday it was time for us to celebrate Chinese New Year!  On Sunday we went to the event sponsored by our local FCC group.  Warren had a blast and I was shocked that he was not scared of the Lion dance!  We only had one issue where he freaked out and that was when we tried to get pictures taken.  For some reason he flipped and started screaming and kicking.  Needless to say he got to skip the pictures!

Two days ago was a busy day that started with a doctor visit followed by another Chinese New Year party with Jaden's playgroup!

After the Lion Dance we rushed to Warren's first hockey game!  We met up with our neighbor's whose son got to play at the end of the 1st period.  Warren loved it and sat and watched the whole game!!!

Its been cold and we have had a little of this...

But yesterday we finally had some sunshine and headed outside so Warren could burn off some energy!

Today it was back indoors where we played with the sensory bucket while we waited for therapy to start!

On Monday Warren finally had his much anticipated appointment with the ortho doctor.  I was prepared for the worst but luckily that is not the case.  Kids with Fibular Hememilia usually have problems with their hips and this is not the case with Warren!  He is missing his ACL and MCL in his knee which causes his knee to turn inward.  He will have to wear a knee brace forever.  There is no way to reconstruct his foot so we will be amputating his foot just below the heel.  This will give him is heel and then he will have a prosthetic foot.  This is much better than I thought because I was afraid he would lose his leg below the knee.  He should be in the hospital overnight but he may be able to go home the day of the amputation.  We go back to the doctor in May because a new doctor is coming in who specializes in his treatment!  Warren will also have to have a leg extension surgery when he is 8 or 9.  I am sure Warren will do great with everything because he is such a strong boy!

Warren is still making progress everyday!  He has speech once a week and they are amazed with how fast he is learning.  After his sensory evaluation a few weeks ago we were happy to find out he does not have a sensory disorder!  The woman said he is just making up for lost time.  She gave me a few ideas to burn off his energy and it is working.  He has also been playing with toys for longer periods of time which is something new!  He is talking in sentences and will tell you if he wants some or not!  The honeymoon phase is over with Warren.  When he first came home he was always smiling and would do everything we asked.  Now he is using the word no a lot when I ask him to do something and if he is happy to throw a temper tantrum if we make him do something he does not want to do!  He is turning into a typical 2 year old!  He amazes us everyday and we have to remind ourselves that he was in an orphanage in China less than 4 months ago without the love of a family!

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