Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Snow Day! And a little Extra!

This morning the kids were thrilled to wake up to the sight of snow!

After Warren was done with speech therapy I layered them up in their snow gear for some outdoor fun!

While the kids love the snow I am DONE!  I have decided that this is the LAST snow of the season!  There will be no more I am just sure of it!  I am so sure that I took this pile...
and put it all in the washing machine so I could put it up for the winter!  I am sure that will keep the snow at bay till next year! 
Besides the snow we have been keeping busy.  Warren has been having his weekly speech therapy which he loves.  The minute she dives up he starts screaming "play"!  I love it because it gives me an hour break!
Jaden has been busy with her ballet which she of course still loves!  I don't know what we will do this summer because she will miss it so much!

 Her recital is in June and she can't wait to wear her costume! 

Warren's OT prescribed him a trampoline to help burn off some of his energy.  Unfortunately I was not the one who ordered it and once it was put together I was a little shocked at the size!  The kids love it.  Luckily Rusty never finished the dining room so it is in there for the time being!

We have had a few playdates with friends of course!

I finally decided to get the sewing machine back out a make Jaden a few outfits.  It is not easy with a wild 2 year old running around!

And last week after a long whiny day I decided to spice up bath time!  I told them it was going to be a special bath, they were pretty fired up!

We turned the lights off and had a glow in the dark bath!  I think they stayed in the water for 45 minutes!  They were both wrinkled when they got out!

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