Monday, March 25, 2013

Is it Spring or is it Winter?

I know the calendar says that it is spring but mother nature has something else in mind!  Today we woke up to about 5 inches of snow!  The kids were thrilled but I on the other hand not so much!  I am so over this winter I could scream.  I am just ready to be able to go outside and let these kids burn off all the energy they have.  I am praying this is it and there will be no more snow.  But while I hate it the kids loved it and luckily Rusty stayed home so they were able to play in it this time!

Jaden was done after about an hour and decided it was time for her favorite winter treat, hot chocolate!

Last week during another night of snow flurries, our neighbors "egged" us in the good way.  There was a note on the door saying there was 12 eggs hidden in the yard.  Unfortunately I didn't find the sign until 8:00.  But we bundled up and headed outside with flashlights to find our eggs.  The kids had a blast while I was freezing!

Since it has been so stinking cold we have been spending a lot of time indoors driving each other crazy!  We have tried to keep ourselves entertained!  We have had playdates, crafts and just crazy fun!

 We did have two days in there where the weather was actually pretty nice.  I think nature was just teasing me!  We spent both of those days outside the whole time.  We even talked daddy into going to the zoo!

We went to the mall and Jaden decided she wanted to have her picture made with the Easter bunny.  Warren seemed pretty excited and was waving at the bunny.  Once it was their turn he wanted nothing to do with it!  Jaden went first and I thought Warren would join her, wrong!  I set his stroller beside the rabbit and he got as far as he could from him!  I was right beside him the whole time.  Things are not looking so good for our trip to Disney in a few months!  I think there is going to be a lot of tears on his part!
Jaden was pretty thrilled when she got her new ballet outfits.  And of course she had to model them!


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