Sunday, July 28, 2013

Another month another catch up post!

Once again I have let a the days get away from me without a post.  My only excuse is that life is busy with two kids and there is just no time!  So once again I am playing catch up, the story of my life now!
So we will start with the end of June because that is where my pictures start on the new computer!
June ended with a birthday party for our favorite two year old, Avery!

Then I bought the kids matching outfits, at least as matching as I could find.  They both have alligators on them!

Then for some reason I decided it would be a good idea to take the kids to see a movie.  I am not sure why I thought this being that Warren has NEVER even watched a 30 minute cartoon!  Luckily I had the help of one of Kelley's brave girls!  Warren wasn't bad but he did not watch the movie.  I would also like to take this time to apologize to the the poor boy who worked at the theater that had to clean up the full bottle of water and large bucket of popcorn that was spilled on our row!  I am pretty sure we have been banned from that theater!

For my birthday both kids woke up with a fever!  Happy birthday to me.  Warren's got up to 104 and Jaden's was 102.  The next day was the 4th and I thought we were on the mend but I was wrong.  We took the kids out for dinner where Warren decided to puke while we were ordering dinner.  Jaden followed his lead later that night and we spent the next few days dealing with the flu.  Happy birthday America!

After the kids felt well enough to go outside we finally put those sparklers and smoke bombs to good use.  We had our own little 15 minute pyrotechnic display!  

Sadly in July we also had to say goodbye to our wonderful speech teacher!  She has been coming to out home once a week to help Warren with his English.  Warren was in love with her and would wait at the door to play!  He also kept her entertained like the tie she pointed to a picture of the spoon wanted him to say the word only to tell her it was silverware!  We will be starting with our new therapist soon and we are only hoping she is half as great!

We did some tie died shirts.  Once again I have no clue why I thought this was a good idea.  After the first few pictures it was clear the camera had to be put away!

Now the big thing that happened in July was Warren's 3rd birthday!  This was a well thought and planned party so I think it deserves its own post, but I will give you a little picture to hold you over!

Two days after the party the kids and I headed south with my parents for a long 13 hour drive to Mississippi!  Once again what was I thinking?  It was a long ride but due to the fact that I get car sick in the back seat I got to miss out on sitting between my two angels for the whole ride!  Our trip was spent with visiting relatives and some of my old friends!  Warren also got a second birthday party there with a huge waterslide.  

Before we knew it it was time to leave.  This involved me and two kids on a plane!  Enough said!

Once we got home I was greeted with a nice organized house!  Rusty even hired a cleaning company.  I was owed it after the flight home!
And finally yesterday we all headed to Cincinnati for Eliza's 3rd birthday!

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