Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disney Vacation day 1 & 2!

The kids and I (not so much Rusty) had been waiting for months to go on our Disney vacation!  It has been planned and the dinners had been scheduled for a while!  Finally on September 26 we boarded our flight to Orlando!(yes I know I am behind)
Of course the first half day was spent getting settled in the resort and going to the grocery to stock the fridge.  The fun really began the next day!  On Friday we headed to Gatorland to meet some of our China family!  Madeline and Andy were with us when we adopted Jaden and they adopted Mia and it is always a fun time getting together with their family!  We had to do Gatorland because Jaden still loves gators!  Warren on the other hand can take em or leave em!
We of corse had to get the shot of the kids in the big gator mouth!

Then it was on to check out some of the main attractions, the gators...

Of course we had to get a shot of all the kids climbing on the big giant gator...

While we there we decided to see a couple of the shows!  Andy got to be a part of one of them after first Madeline turned the guy down and then myself!  We were quick to offer Andy up as our replacement!

After the shows it was time for Jaden's dream to come true!  She got to hold a real alligator!  Warren was quick to let them know he wanted the tail and Jaden could have the mouth!  I knew he was a smart kid.

After this we headed back to the resort so the kids(Rusty) could take a quick nap before we all met up again at Downtown Disney for dinner!

The night ended early thanks to a down pour in true Florida form!

The next day the four of us decided it was time to head to Disney World!  Rusty and I decided to start off slow so we chose Epcot.  Just as I expected Warren wanted nothing to do with the characters!  Jaden on the other hand was very into the characters!  Thank goodness or I would have had nothing to take pictures of!!!

It ended up not being a good day to go to Epcot because it was the weekend and the Food and Wine festival had just started!  The crowds were pretty bad.  We headed back to the resort to swim and wait on Nana and Papaw!

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