Saturday, August 17, 2013


This past weekend we did something we have wanted to do ever since we came back from China with Warren!  We went to Indiana and visited Lucy Mei and her wonderful family!!!  The kids were so excited and I have to admit so was I.  When we got there sweet Lucy was standing outside with her umbrella in the rain waiting for us.  They were both excited but I think a little shy about what was going on and who they were seeing!  It didn't take long for these this two kids to find their rhythm again and it was just like old times but this time they were no longer in an orphanage and they both have a family!

The weekend was so special, not only because these two got together but because all of us got together!  They are such a wonderful family who I am so blessed that we got to know.  Even if our kids weren't going to get married I know they will always be in our lives! :-)

I am so thankful that we have these two precious children and so thankful that our two families will forever be bonded through this two angels!  The story these two will tell is amazing!  From where they were to where they are now!

Approximately 2/2011
Warren in the front and Lucy in the next crib.

Warren's last birthday in China.

Early fall 2012
Just before they were adopted to their forever families.

Gotcha Day 10/29/2012

Henan, China November 2012


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