Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A mini vacation with a side of the police...

This winter has been BRUTAL!  I am so over the snow and cold.  I finally talked Rusty into taking us somewhere warm with water.  Since we are going to the beach this summer we decided to go somewhere local for this trip.  What better place then Great Wold Lodge!  This was our first time so I was pretty excited myself.  The kids had no clue where we were going so the were thrilled when we pulled up and I told them we would be swimming!!!  The first day was spent in the pool of course where Warren whined the whole time.  Not a fan of splashing water.

Day two was filled with all kinds of fun! Breakfast in the room and lunch in the hotel restaurant.
After lunch Rusty got to go have a massage and Jaden got to have a mani-pedi.  I on the other hand got to go to the arcade with Warren.  I don't think I got the better end of the deal!  After we all met up again it was back to the pool for a couple hours of swimming!

Our swimming ended a little early because I noticed that someone had stolen my camera!  Luckily that same wonderful person decided to steal my iPhone at the same time.  Once I told the security and I ran back to the room to change and grabbed my iPad.  Unknown to the thief I could track my iphone with my iPad!  We were able to locate the side of the building they were on but not the floor.  The cops were called and I have to say he was awesome!  I sent a text to the phone saying there was a reward if returned.  Well wouldn't you know they turned it in and left their room number!  The cop went to the room and she said someone handed it to her and ran.  Luckily I saw her when she came to the door and could ID her as being right next to me in the pool.  He came out and she said she did not have it, after I ID'd her he went back in and came out with my camera!  The story is that the Grandmother stole the things and her daughter came back to find it.  It was up to me if I pressed charges or not and because of her grandchildren I chose not to press charges.  I did make her apologize to my face though.  The Great Wolf also evicted the whole family that night.  So we lost about 3 hours of our vacation but at least I got it all back!

The next day we were up and out the door after a few pictures of course!

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