Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Big Plans for the Summer

This summer I am stealing an idea from one of the mom's in our China family!  Erin (AKA Grace, Grant and Trent's mom) has a list of 100 things to do in the summer.  Last year they did it and I thought it was a great idea so I got the kids on board this year!  While we wont be doing some things like they did, sleeping in a teepee!  We have a few fun plans of our own this year.  Of course a lot of the ideas came from things I knew we would be doing this summer!

100 Things to do this summer!
  1. Plant a Garden
  2. Make Finger Puppets
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Pet a Stingray
  5. Feed a Stingray
  6. Feed a Giraffe
  7. Brush a Goat
  8. Ride a Train
  9. Make Ice Cream
  10. Go to the Science Museum
  11. Go to the Beach
  12. See the Ocean 
  13. Build a Sand Castle
  14. Bury Someone in Sand
  15. Drink from a Coconut Go Fishing
  16. Go to the Library
  17. Visit and Indoor Play Park
  18. Go on a Road Trip
  19. Go to a Waterpark
  20. Stay In a Hotel
  21. Play in a Sprinkler
  22. Have a Water Balloon Fight
  23. Go Fishing
  24. Slide Down a Water Slide
  25. Take Cookies to the Fire Station
  26. Go to a Splash Park
  27. Go Bowling
  28. Visit a New Playground
  29. Find Seashells
  30. Play Miniature Golf
  31. Get Face Planted
  32. Have a Picnic
  33. Make Snow Cones
  34. Go to a Workshop with Daddy
  35. Make Smores
  36. Build a Fire
  37. Do a Jared Box
  38. Have a Luau 
  39. Paint Pottery
  40. Stay in PJ's on a Rainy Day
  41. Sleep in a Tent
  42. Fly a Kite
  43. Make a Pizza
  44. Visit a Pet Store
  45. See a Hermit Crab
  46. Visit a Farm
  47. Go to the Amusement Park
  48. Ride a Roller Coaster
  49. Eat a Funnel Cake
  50. Go to a Fair
  51. Wash the Car
  52. Paint the Sidewalk with Water
  53. Decorate a Cupcake
  54. Play Flashlight Tag
  55. Donate Toys to Charity
  56. Go on a Hike
  57. Build a Fort
  58. Make Monster Puppets
  59. Make a Sock Puppet
  60. Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder
  61. Go on a Treasure Hunt
  62. Have a Bike Parade
  63. Go on an Alphabet tour with a Camera
  64. Draw on the Window on a Rainy Day
  65. Take a Class at the Craft Store
  66. Take the Dog for a Walk
  67. Make a Collage
  68. Go to a Movie
  69. Make & Blow Bubbles
  70. Play Jacks
  71. Visit the State Capital
  72. Visit a State Park
  73. See a Lighthouse
  74. Visit a Historic Site
  75. Make a Tie Dye Shirt
  76. Play I Spy
  77. Pick a Strawberry
  78. Play Outside in the Rain
  79. Stargaze
  80. Have a Game Night
  81. Make Fresh Lemonade
  82. Make Paper Airplanes
  83. Paint a Birdhouse
  84. Make a Sponge Water Bomb
  85. Send Postcard to a Friend
  86. Have a Shadow Puppet Night
  87. Use Modge Podge
  88. Use Silly Putty on Newspaper
  89. Jump in a Bounce House
  90. Have Pancakes for Dinner
  91. Stay up Late
  92. Have Breakfast in Bed
  93. Send a Care Package to China
  94. Ride a Camel
  95. Visit Daddy at Work
  96. Go on a Safari
  97. Paint a Picture
  98. Ride in a Boat
  99. Ride a Horse
  100. Play with Shaving Cream

We decided to cheat a little and get started early!
We made a garden...

Painted a birdhouse...

Made finger puppets...

Make Smores...

I had big plans to also knock out the zoo, ride a camel and feed a giraffe but I found out it is not smart to go the the zoo on opening day of the Africa exhibit!  We did get to see the animals and Betty White but that was about it!  I let the kids skip school being the cool mother I am but obviously I was not the only one doing that!  Never again!  

School is over in 2 days and then the real fun begins!  The kids are so excited to get our whole list done.

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