Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Summer is over and Warren is back to school!  For a kid with Sensory Processing Disorder a routine is key and we just didn't have that this summer, so the start of school is great for both of us!  We are on day 7 and so far so good.  I have only gotten good reports from the teachers.  It helps that this year Jaden is not in the class with him.  He goes four days a week in the afternoon.  This means Warren and I have alone time for the first time since he came home.  This has been really good for myself and for Warren.  Without Jaden here to compete with things are a little calmer.
If you ask him what his favorite part of school is I am sure it is without a doubt the Bus!  He lives for the bus ride!  He starts asking me where his bus is the minute we put Jaden on her bus.  We actually missed the bus one day this week and he was devastated.  He was pretty ticked at me.  Now we make sure to be outside 10 minutes early!

In true second kid form we were late getting out the door the first day and only got a few pictures before the bus came.  and to top it all off my camera died a few pictures in!  Sorry Warren!

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