Thursday, December 4, 2014


Warren had his surgery on 11/5/2014.  And yes I am finally getting around to posting it!  Better late then never, right?
The surgery wasn't scheduled till 12:30 which meant we had to be there at 10:30, but we got a call telling us to get there as soon as we could at about 9:00 because Dr. Ruggles would be finishing his first surgery sooner then expected.  So off we rush to the hospital only to sit and wait till a little after our scheduled time to go in because there was no OR available.  Warren spent his morning playing games and asking a million questions in true Warren fashion.  After we waited a while i could tell he was getting a little nervous so I asked them to give him some versed so he didn't stress out too much.  This led to him getting a little loopy and thinking he was going to a party where the Dr. would be dancing!

                                                          Our last picture of "the little toe"!

Right about the time the versed kicked in!

This surgery would not take as long as the first one.  They only needed to break the tibia bone and build the fixator around his leg.  They were also amputating Warren's little toe.  It served no purpose and only got in the way.  We explained this to Warren before surgery.  The last surgery took all day but this one was a short 4 1/2 hours!  They wheeled him into his room around 6:30 and he was awake and talking.  As soon as he saw me he said "mom, I got my super leg now!"  That was when I started crying!  
Lucky us we got the room where the TV doesn't work very good!  It took us a while but we found out if you beat the remote it worked!  I know we drove the nurses crazy.  

                                                                     The Super Leg!

He did really well in the start but then he was thirsty and wanted a drink and jello.  About 30 minutes later we got to see the juice and the jello again when he threw up!  I stayed with him that night and there was not much sleep to be had.  The nurses were in and out all night and Warren really didn't sleep.  At 2:30 AM he wanted to watch cartoons and the nurse was "nice" enough to point out to Warren that they had tons of cartoons on demand for his enjoyment pleasure.  So began our early morning/night cartoon marathon!  
The next day we were determined to blow the joint!  I had a plan!  It started with eating breakfast and keeping it down!  Warren ate two eggs with no puke, score!  next it was getting Warren off the pain pump.  That began the night before when we would go through longer stretches without it.  Of course until the nurse came in and asked if he was in pain and he would say yes!  He was really not in too much pain which was shocking.  By mid morning the PCA pump was gone!  Next on the list was getting him up.   He was not to excited about this idea but I was a mommy on a mission!  So when the PT came in with a walker and asked if he wanted to try to get up I said yes before Warren could say no!  So Less then 16 hours after surgery Warren was out of the bed and Walking.  He wasn't happy but he did it!  Score!  

Then it was time to sit and wait on the DECISION!  

                                                       At least someone got some sleep!

Mid afternoon the verdict came in.  We would be going home that night!  We had to of course wait till we had been in the room at least an hour so we finally got freed about 7:00!
We were on the 5th floor just like last year so we had to take a picture with the Goose!

Warren told me to take his picture in front of the Rabbit!

Happy to be leaving!

Of course Warren wanted to stop at Mcdonald's on the way home!  

It was nice to be home!  
More to come later..............

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