Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being powerless sucks!

Since Jaden's adoption was a while ago I had forgotten the feeling of being powerless that comes with International adoption. I like to have control of my life but you can't do that with adoption. These past few weeks have been a big reminder to me that this is not in my control. I have done everything that I can to get this paperwork done! The birth certificates have been ordered, (we can't us the extra certificates we ordered for Jaden's adoption because they have to have been issued in the last 6 months!)the adoption petition has been written, the police clearance has been done, the Hague training has been done, etc. But we had to put a hold on the medicals and anything having to do with the homestudy has been at a stand still! Why you may ask? Well because I was having to wait for our homestudy agency to assign us a social worker! And of course due to all the holidays no one has been working! (but they sure cashed my check fast!) I asked if they could just send me the paperwork so I could get started with the medicals because of course our adoption agency and our homestudy agency has seperate forms that have to be done. I was told no because NOTHING can be done before I am assigned a social worker. It doesn't matter to them that there is a little boy in China who is spending more days away from his mom and dad.
I was not happy but what could I do? Nothing! Its not like I could switch homsestudy agencies because there are no others to switch too! I had resigned myself to not getting anymore done until next month! But low and behild I was WRONG!!!
I finally got a call today from my wonderful social worker ready to set up our first visit! I know I haven't met her yet but she seems nice and has small children. And a plus is she is not the same social worked my friend was assigned because she is giving them a hard time! So now our first visit is set for a week from this Sunday! She wanted to do this Sunday but we have plans and can't do it! So that means soon I can get to work on the other paperwork I have to do! There should only be two visits after the first one is done and I am hoping she can do them all in a month!
This time is so much different from Jaden. There is ALOT more paperwork for one thing! The other thing is we actually have a picture of our child and we know he is sitting there waiting for us! It does not make it easy at all! I just want to go over there and bring him home! This is finally a step in the right direction!


  1. I am glad you like your social worker, ours was really layed back. Hope you can get it done quickly :)

  2. I love the photo of the three of you in the header. And Warren is just so cute! I'm glad things are finally moving with the social worker. Good luck with the home visit.