Friday, December 30, 2011

A little more paperwork done!

I am happy to say that we have done a little more of the paperwork needed to bring Warren home! The adoption petition is done along with my letter of non-employment. Today we went to our local police department to get our police clearance forms. They were happy to inform us that they couldn't do our forms because we lived outside the city. Whatever, they did it last time! So then we had to head to the county sheriff's department and try our luck there. Things were not looking so good there either! The lady was new and did not understand that she could not sign the form and then notarize her own signature! Seriously!!! Finally she signed it and had someone else notarize it! Yhea us!
We also finished our Hague training online through our agency. We had to finish this before our homestudy agency will even come out! So now we have our physicals and a few other things to do and of course wait for our wonderful homestudy agency!
I am also going nuts not having any information on Warren's orphanage! Jaden was from one of the biggest orphanages in China if not the biggest, so there were pictures galore! Of course she was not in any of the pictures because she was in a foster home but at least I had something! This time there is zilch on Warren's orphanage. I have been told they just started international adoptions last year. I have actually started a yahoo group for his orphanage and we have a total of 6 members! Jaden's yahoo group has 922 members! I really just want to see what the orphanage looks like! And of course I want to see pictures of our son. I think this is going to be a long hard wait!
I am also sad that I wont be with our China family! You know the family we made on Jaden's trip. There are 7 families who are pretty close and I just don't feel right not having them there! I have tried and tried to get them to adopt too but so far there is always a reluctant spouse! (no mentioning names Gary and Madeline!) How I will get through China without them I don't know! I know there will be other families and who knows they may be just as great as our first China family! But I doubt it, we all clicked so well. And I am sad that I wont get to see them this year because our reunion is in the summer and that might be travel to China time. So I think they should make the reunion in China this year! That sounds like a good idea to me!!!

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