Thursday, December 15, 2011

First care package on it's way!

We had fun last week shopping for little boy things that we could send to Warren. I have to get in the mindset of a boy otherwise the poor kid will have all pink toys. I picked up three toys and they were all pink. When we were on the way to the checkout it dawned on me boys like blue! So back to the baby section we went to get some more manly baby toys! Jaden picked out a blue elephant with a blanket. She also picked one of his shirts because it had an alligator on it!
So our box contained clothes, blanket, stuffed animal, baby toys, snacks for the babies, cameras, snacks for the nannies and a photo book for Warren! We packed it all up and headed to the post office to fight the Christmas crowd! One man told Jaden she had a big box and she told him "it's not yours it for my baby brother in China!" She wasn't very nice about it either! So $52 later our box is on its way to Henan China to a little boy who has no clue how his life will change in the next year!

In adoption paperwork news We finally got our application from our Homestudy agency and it is in the mail back to them. Now that we have to follow the Hague rules we have to use a Hague homestudy agency and there are only two in Ohio! The application was crazy and if you left one space empty it would be mailed back to you! If it didn't pertain to you it had to have N/A in the space! And I have been told they will not start our homestudy until we have done 22 hours of online classes! It's nuts! Oh well, he is worth it!

Today Warren's first Christmas ornament came in the mail. His big sister has 4 just like it, her wait was a little longer then his will be!

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