Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby brother has a name!

While I have gotten used to calling our little guy baby brother I knew he would need an actual name. Unfortunately for me, back in 2005 I made a deal with Rusty. I would name our daughters and he would name our sons. I did this thinking we would adopt again from China and at the time knowing China it would be a girl, so I never thought Rusty would be given the opportunity to name someone. But surprise surprise we have a son which requires Rusty to pull out the baby name book. Ever since we saw him I have been throwing out names like Jackson, Cameron, Wesley and Joshua, you know cute baby names! Rusty on the other hand has been thinking about what he is going to name his business when he gets older! (I am not kidding here) The deadline was quickly creeping up on him because he had till today before I did my Christmas cards. So he FINALLY came to a decision. Our son will be named.....Warren Anthony!And while I would like to say he named him that because my grandfather's middle name was Warren and his great grandfather's name was Anthony, I think it is actually because he wants my son to make as much money as Warren Buffet! I am going to tell myself and my dear son that he is named after his great grandfather and his great great grandfather. And when he gets older he can name his business WAP enterprises! Rusty is very happy with his choice and thinks it is a strong name. I think it is a nice name and I will get used to it. I can not make a nickname out of it so I will have to go with his Chinese nickname. We call Jaden JJ but WW just doesn't sound good to me, neither does WA WA.So now we are done with the name and I am done with Christmas cards. Now I have to get busy with adoption paperwork! Don't you all envy me?

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