Friday, December 23, 2011

Paperwork progress...

For Jaden's adoption I blogged about everything! If I mailed something to someone for the adoption it was blogged about. With Warren it is different. I think mainly it is because Jaden keeps me so busy and when I do have time to blog it is about her! I am determined to try to blog Warren's story. Jaden has these nice books that I have made out of her blog so I want him to have the same thing. Of course I am pretty sure that he will not need two books to cover his wait because Jaden's wait for referral was so long!
So where are we in this wonderful journey through adoption? Well the homestudy application was mailed over a week ago. And let me just say that that application was crazy long and every line had to be filled out or it would be returned to me. So we should have our social worker assigned to us very soon and we can get the fun stuff going. We get to have someone come into our home and dissect our every move. This time they will have Jaden to talk to and I can only imagine what she will tell them!
We have also sent in the first set of papers to our adoption agency. This of course called for a notary. Thank goodness one of Rusty's employees is a notary so that will save alot of running around! For Jaden's adoption I took a picture of both Rusty and I filling out the application. This time that did not happen because that was all done before we were sure that China was going to give us PA for our little man and I didn't want to jinx it! But I did take a picture of Jaden holding the application before we mailed it!
I did take a photo of myself and Rusty signing the financial agreement for the agency though!

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