Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy Day

We all slept great last night until Rusty woke up on the floor because his air mattress sprung a leak!  This caused Jaden to wake up and move to my bed at 2 AM!  Luckily we were all back to sleep thirty minutes later!  And Rusty is happy I packed the duct tape he told me not too.  
This morning we started with a ricks haw ride through a Hutong, which Jaden loved!  We also went to a silk factory and then to lunch.  
After lunch it was the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.  That was pretty amazing.  The smog in Beijing is awful, a lot worse than when we went to Jiangxi to get Jaden.  Our guide is great.  We are trying to teach him to slow down because Jaden's little legs can't go that fast!  
The driving is crazy here but we expected that.  One of our travel mates had a car back into him today!  luckily the dude wasn't going too fast!  
I can not say enough how great Jaden is doing.  She is having a great time.  She asked me today when her baby brother was going to meet us in China!  I hope she still feels that way in a few days!
I will try to post pictures in shutterfly.  


  1. Sounds like you all are having fun-loved reading the update! Keep them coming :o)

  2. I knew JJ would do great! Lifting you all up every day in prayers and thinking of you every day! xo

  3. Anxiously awaiting pictures :) So glad Jaden is loving it all!!! xoxo