Thursday, October 11, 2012

C freaking A!!!

We finally got our CA yesterday!!! So that meant yesterday was the day I dreaded! Booking our flight day! With Jaden's adoption it was crazy and plane tickets were going up right before my eyes and they were selling out. I promised myself then that never again would I do that! So this time I contacted a travel agent and let him deal with it! It still ended up taking all day but finally at 6 last night they were booked! We will leave Columbus at the crack of dawn on the 24th and make a connection in Chicago that will take us straight to Beijing! Notice I said Chicago and not Newark. That was my one request to the agent that we NOT fly out of Newark! After an 8 hour delay which caused us to spend 11 glorious hours in the Newark airport I NEVER want to be there again, so Chicago it is!!! We can't wait! The countdown is on!!!

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  1. so exciting, are you going to the Zhoukou SWI. we never did, and I wish we had. Georgette, all the best on your travels...we will follow your blog in China.