Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We are good!  The Internet sucks though.  So I just try to get pics up since that is what everyone wants anyway!  Warren is 100 percent boy!  Good thing Jaden was first or there would only have been one!  He likes to pull Jaden's hair so he has gotten in trouble a few times.  Jaden is doing great!   Everyone is commenting on how well she is doing.  Yesterday we had a 2 1/2 hour ride to his city and got to take pics of the outside of his orphanage.  Lucy and Warren are so close and I am so glad we traveled together!  They both just light up when they see each other.  Lucy calls him brother and they told us they were very close.  

We have a free day today thank God!

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  1. I MISS YOU!!!!! Come home, Im ready to hear all a/b everthing!!!! JJ looks like she is doing awesome, see, I told you its the kids that do better than us..lol!!! And Warren and Rusty together melts my heart!!!! So sweet!!! Hurry home!!!!! xoxoxo love from the Rogers