Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures are up!

Ok finally I am able to get online!  Gotcha day went great.  I was owed a smooth gotcha after Jaden!  There were no tears at all.  He is happy and VERY healthy!  He is a head taller than Jaden but at least 5 pounds heavier!  He is solid.  And boy can he eat!  He runs and his foot does not slow him down one bit!  He seems to prefer Rusty over me for now.  
Jaden is doing great but Warren is quick too point out if she does wrong!  That does not make her happy!  
They are both off to bed and I am soon to follow. Pics are posted on shutterfly!  
Two crazy things that have happened.  Our safe had to be busted open and I was only one foot away from Tiger Woods and Rory M.!  They are in our hotel and I ended up on their floor with the kids by accident!  They just happened to get off the elevator when I was getting on!  Rusty is so mad he missed it!  Off to bed!


  1. omgosh, I cant believe you saw Tiger Woods...hahahaha, how funny! Did you have anything stolen??? oh G, Warren is absolutely precious...Ive got big tears in my eyes filled with joy for you guys!!! How funny that he is bigger than JJ??? I want to call you and have you tell me everything in detail!!!!! Cant stand it!!!!! Now I know how people felt when I was away in!!! HURRY HOME!!!!!

  2. That is awesome. Jason is so jealous and surprised you even knew who they were =) Can't wait to see you guys here at home. Do you need us to get you anything?? So happy it went so smooth and that is an awsome brotherly and sisterly love =) Love the pictures. Keep posting =)

  3. love all the pics..he sure has grown. happy gotcha day!!!!!!!!!

  4. He is just adorable. I am so happy for all of you:)

  5. He is so so so cute~love all of the pics ! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!! We are happy to "hear" all is going well~except the safe~yikes !! Can't believe you saw Tiger Woods ~too funny