Thursday, March 29, 2012

At least the room is coming together!

I wish I could say that I had my homestudy in hand and on its way to immigration but I can't! My SW said we should have had it the first of this week but we don't. We have been told it was mailed so my guess is that when I emailed her yesterday she called the agency and they finally mailed it! I love my SW but I am NOT a fan of the homestudy agency! So when it gets here it will be mailed off to immigrations and our next wait of many will begin!
But while we wait to wait I have been busy trying to get Warren's room in some kind of order. Before this adoption his room was being used as a playroom or toy over flow room for Jaden. For some reason Jaden needs a play area on all three floors.(maybe she has too many toys!) But she did have to loose that one. The plan is to take the couch out of the loft and make that the new upstairs playroom soon!
So we moved Jaden's crib which has NEVER been used to Warren's room. I was going to leave it as a crib but once we got the updates from the orphanage that he climbs out of his crib we just decided to make it a toddler bed! We bought some shelves to put toys and books on and this weekend we bought him a dresser that has not been put together yet. Here is the progress so far!
I am not happy that the crib is white but I am determined not to buy a new one. We have already bought two that have never been used! The first one was a drop side crib that we trashed because they were recalled and then this one was for Jaden but we ended up co-sleeping! So I have to use it! The changing table will not be in his room either but I needed somewhere for it to go while we wait for our neighborhood garage sell, which I plan on making a killing on with all of Jaden's clothes!!! I have also ordered a few pictures and a decal of a plane for the walls that should be here anyday! I just can't wait to see our little guy in the room!

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