Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big Sis gets a passport!

Ok she didn't get her passport but she did get her passport picture done! I just didn't think that would make for a good title!
I took Jaden today to have her passport picture taken. It was a last minute decision and because of that I am only going to show you her picture and not mine since I was looking pretty rough! Jaden on the other hand was looking cute like always. I of course took a picture of Jaden getting her passport taken! I explained to the guy that I take pictures of everything that she does!
It doesn't matter how cute you are passport pictures just do not look good!
I was just happy she looked at the camera. I told her we could not go to China unless she looked right at the camera. After the picture was taken she thought we were leaving for China! I guess she feels the same as her mommy and she is ready to finally hold her little brother! Unlike me I am afraid she will be ready to send him back after a while!

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