Saturday, March 10, 2012

A solution to the shoe problem!

Warren is considered a special needs adoption. Of course to us his only need is that he needs his family! But Warren was born with a special foot. This is the only thing that is different about him. He does not have a club foot or ectrodactyly or anything like that. His foot is just deformed. He has two toes and some others that are there but they decided to grow together. My doctor said it looks like the umbilical cord wrapped around his foot during his growth and affected his foot. He does have a well formed heal. The Dr's we talked to felt like once we are home it could be reconstructed. Worse case would be amputation.
After getting the updates of him last week I feel better about the fact that we may just be doing reconstructive surgery.
Suprisingly I have not been stressed about this. I know that we will handle whatever we are given. But the one thing that has stressed me out and kept me up many nights since seeing his little face, is his shoes! I am not stressed about him being home and what shoes to wear. I am stressed about what he will wear while we are in China. I know how the Chinese come up to you and inspect your baby and I did not want them to look at him and pity him. I knew socks would cover it but I also knew we were going to need something more than socks since he will be 2 when we get to go. All the gripper socks were for younger kids. We need something stretchy because his little gathering of toes is really on the top of the foot. I have looked and looked, stressed and stressed. My good friend Amy knew that it was really stressing me out.
She called me one day to let me know she thought she had a solution to our problem! Yesterday at the girl's gymnastics class she brought Warren his first pairs of shoes! I think they are going to work fine! He will be able to walk around(not that I am going to be putting him down much!)and others will not keep staring at his foot. We get enough stares in China just being white and having Chinese children! So thank you Amy for thinking of our little man and thank you for being such a great friend!
Are these stylish or what? Now I need a little pirate shirt to go with them!!!

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