Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catch up and an update on Warren!

Now that I have finally finished posting on our trip to China I can try to get caught up on whats been happening with Warren! What can I say about Warren? He is all boy! He never stops from the time he gets up till its time for bed. He is definitely going to be the class clown. He loves to make us laugh. He really loves his big sister but at this point she is not a big fan of his. He wants to do everything that Jaden is doing. He is a regular Houdini and I have had to pull over a few times on the side of the road to put him back in his carseat! He loves to give me kisses and hugs! He will pretty much eat anything in sight. We have found out he is lactose intolerant so we have made a few changes. He has already been to the Dr. 4 times and he is not a fan at all. I have talked to two other Dr.s who have told me that they really do not think he will have to have an amputation since he is walking and doing fine without his femur bone! This is great news. We have his ortho appointment in February to find out their opinion. Whatever it is I know he will be fine! He was going to sleep without any problems but the last week and a half he has cried before bed. It has gotten better as the week goes on and hopefully it will be back to normal soon. He is still a head banger, the Dr. said it is most likely how he coped with the chaos at the orphanage. We are hoping he stops soon so we can all get a good night sleep! He loves to go everywhere! He also loves to flirt with the ladies! He is super smart and it didn't take him anytime to figure out how to open our baby gates! He also thinks he is superman and is constantly climbing on things and jumping off! I keep thinking he is going to break the bone in his leg but he hasn't so far! He LOVES doing crafts, but he also loves to eat crayons and paints! He is a joy and I can't imagine our life without him! He has done so many new things and met so many new people in the short four weeks we have been home!

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