Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello Guangzhou!!! 11/3

Finally we were in Guangzhou! There is just something about that town that just makes the adoptive parent smile! Maybe its the fact that you are so close to the end I don't know. The flight to Guangzhou was pretty painless. Warren did great and so did Jaden. We had the help of the three Chinese men behind us keeping the kids entertained! I don't know if it was much help or not because they kept getting Warren wound up! One we landed in Guangzhou we headed to baggage claim. We got a little worried because we got our luggage but every family was missing at least one piece and the belt was empty but after a while here came the rest of the luggage and the strollers! Yhea!!!
We were met by our guides Jason and Kathy. I will say I was so upset when I found out that we were not going to have the same guides that we did when we adopted Jaden but I have to say now I LOVED Jason and Kathy!!! They were great! I was able to see one of our guides we had back in 2009 Jocelyn! She was happy to get to see Jaden and she was the same happy Jocelyn I remember, only this time she wasn't pregnant! Once we got to Guangzhou it was a 40 minute ride to the hotel. Another thing I was upset about for this trip was that we could not stay at the White Swan hotel because it was being renovated. It is just a right of passage for an adoptive parent to stay at the White Swan. Once we got to the China Hotel all thoughts of the White Swan vanished away! The hotel was super nice and the beds were super SOFT! The rooms were also bigger than the WS! The only downside was that they did not have tater tots and chicken wings on the breakfast bar like the White Swan! Oh well, I dealt with it!
Once we were settled we went down to the Market Fresh Restaurant in the hotel. We were told it was good and cheap. Well they were wrong on both things! It was not good and it was not cheap! The kids had apple juice that cost $9 a piece! Our bill was over $100 US! Needless to say we never ate there again! But I did get a cute picture of Warren and Lucy holding hands!
We ended the night with a short walk to the 7-11! I think China is the only place you will see someone mopping the sidewalk!
We also had an interesting night in our hotel when a call girl decided that Rusty must have ordered a little something special. She kept coming to our room and knocking and trying to come in. Rusty kept telling her no but she wouldn't leave. After the fourth time she knocked I went to the door and told her to leave. She finally took the hint! Something like this has happened both times we have adopted from China! I think it must be Rusty! :-)

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