Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Henan 11/2- 11/3

So November 2nd was a free day! We had no plans which was nice. We slept in late, had a quick breakfast and then headed to the playroom on the 5th floor. Warren made his mark by tearing the place up!
When Rusty got in the ball pit I think Lucy became a little concerned about who her Warren was going home with!!!
After a quick nap we headed to the Walmart and pizza hut.
We ended the day back at the hotel packing up because the next day was travel day!
The next day was the day we finally left Henan! We had done everything we needed to do and we were ready to move onto our next stop!
This is how Jaden watched cartoons! I think she thought if she got close enough she might be able to understand what they were saying! Of course before we left we had to get pictures of Warren and Lucy on the staircase!
Finally the time came to head to the airport and say Goodbye to Henan!!!

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