Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guangzhou 11/4- 11/5

On our first full day in Guangzhou we went to the Six Banyan Temple, Chen Academy and a government run shop. We had done all of these things last time but the day we were there it was one of the Buddha's birthdays so there were tons of people there. This time it was nice and empty so we were able to enjoy the temple and actually walk around. There were alot of things we missed seeing the last time.
After the temple we went to the Chen Academy which is now a museum where they show pottery, furniture, jade etc.
After our short stop it was time to head to shopping! Oh yhea I was ready. This time I knew what I was looking for. No junk! I bought things the kids could have when they are older. A wedding box for Jaden, a nice box for Warren, a mahjong set, Chinese flute, etc. Of course I had to buy the traditional clothes for both the kids. I was pretty happy with my haul! We ended the day with dinner and a walk by the swimming pool, followed by a bath!
11/5 brought with it the not so fun medical exam! Somehow Rusty got out of Jaden's medical exam and he was also able to worm his way out of Warren's! Warren is not a fan of doctors. The minute they walked in the room he freaked! He is still doing that now that he is home! This time we had to get a TB skin test which we did not have to do with Jaden since she was under two. That was the worst part!
The rest of the day we just kinda hung out at the hotel and relaxed. A lot of the families went on the Pearl River cruise but we had been there and done that and did not need to do it again!

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