Saturday, December 8, 2012

Safari Park! 11/6/12

The zoo was scheduled for the day but five of the families decided we wanted to do the safari park instead! I am so glad we did! I had heard it was expensive but in American terms it is not at all. We paid for the bus, two adult tickets and part of our guides tickets and it was $135! Not bad if you ask me! The ride out was less than an hour. The park is so clean and in my opinion is better than Disney's AK! There was a small amusement area for kids which we skipped. There was also a safari train ride that lasted about 40 minutes. We only had a few hours so we did not get to see everything but we saw alot! They have ten pandas and they were all out. They also had a dinosaur exhibit which Jaden loved!
After the Safari it was back to the hotel where we had group pictures made.
Later that night we went to the fourth floor to play outside with our favorite family!!!

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