Thursday, November 29, 2012

10/30-11/1/12 Henan

Well the first night with Warren we learned he was a major head banger. And not in the heavy metal way but in the I need to beat my head to soothe myself way! This made for a long first night and pretty much every night since! It's very common and the doctor's aren't to concerned but then again they don't sleep in the same house as him! Anyway 10/30 was the day the adoption was finalized in China's eyes, so we headed back to the civil affairs office to sign papers.
I think it was about here that Jaden realized Warren was ours! Afterwards it was back on the bus and to the notary office where we were lucky enough to climb 6 flights of stairs!
Afterwards it was back on the bus and back to the hotel for a quick lunch before we had to take a van and ride to Warren's orphanage city of Zhoukou! This is a new rule for Henan province and let me just say I am not a big fan. You have to go to your baby's city so the passport can be issued. Unfortunately for us this involved a 2 1/2 hour drive! Thin small toyota van with beads on the seat! Not a fun ride. Luckily we had the Shultz family with us to keep it interesting! I am sure our guide Rita will NEVER forget our families! Both Kim and I were on a mission to see the orphanage! At first they said no. But after a little pleading they gave in and said we could at least drive by and take pictures! At least it was something! The funny thing is that as soon as Rusty got out of the van with Warren and Kim with Lucy they shut the gates at the orphanage! I guess they really didn't want them bak!
It was a long stressful day for us all. We decided to let Rusty make a run and get dinner. Warren got his first taste of McDonald's and it was a hit!
The next day was a much needed free day! We met up with the Shultz family again and headed to the local park!
That night, which was Halloween there was a party in the hall with Jaden,Warren and Lucy Mei!
The next day we went on a tour of Shaolin Temple which is a monastery and a Kung Fu academy.
This was Jaden's choice of the potty in the Temple!
We got a nice surprise when we got back, it was Rusty's birthday and someone sent us a yummy cake!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your adoption journey with us! I am reading your entries on Zhengzhou with fascination - our daughter is waiting for us there! :) It will be quite the experience for my husband and I, because we live in one of the most sparsely populated regions of the U.S. (North Dakota) and we will be venturing into one of, if not THE most populated area on Earth, haha! Best to you and your precious family! Wendy :)