Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another busy day!

Today some of us went sightseeing at a local Buddhist temple.  It was a long drive but so worth it!  I am amazed how much things have charged here in the three years since we have been here.  Everyone has a smart phone including the monks.  Another thing the surprised me are all the little girls we see with their families.  I feel like I see more girls than boys which was not the case in 2009!  
Warren is a card!  Somehow I got the jokesters of the group in both adoptions!  He is not sleeping too good yet.  I am hoping that happens tonight.  Rusty has really stepped up with this trip!  He is focusing on Warren while I handle Jaden.  This is making it much easier!  Today is his birthday and someone sent him a cake, not sure who but it was good!
Jaden has really left her mark on China!  First she pooped on The Great Wall( literally on it not in a potty) and today she peed in a garbage can at the temple!  when in China do as the Chinese!  Someone said they were taking Warren home with them and she not so kindly told them no he was going home with her!  Makes me feel good.
Tomorrow is another free day and then it is onto Guangzhou!  I am so ready!  
Now go look at the pics!

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