Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Safari Park

Today we had the zoo scheduled but five of the families decided to head to the safari park instead.  I am so glad we did because it was great!  They have 10 pandas and we saw them all.  We also got to feed the giraffes which Jaden loved.  They had a dinosaur exhibit that was pretty good also.  The place was so clean.  There was a train ride that lasted 40 minutes that took you through tons of animals.  I highly recommend it to everyone that goes to Guangzhou!  They will say it is expensive but it was $125 for Rusty and I and that included renting a bus!  Jaden and Warren were both free!
This afternoon we did group pictures but no picture of just the kids which sucked.  This evening we took the kids to the play area on the fourth floor to burn off some energy.  
Tomorrow we go get Warren's TB test checked and then it is off to the pearl market!

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