Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finally a real update.

I know that the majority of my updates have b=pretty much sucked.  There is a reason behind this.  We have had no internet access in our room until today.  The only way to update was by going to the lobby and doing it.  The problem with that was that they love to smoke in the lobby and it kills me so I have been posting pictures and a few updates and getting back to the room.  Plus I am not a big fan of Rusty's I pad and that is what I have been using.  Now he hooked up the lap top and I can at least post from the room but I will have to go to the lobby to do pictures!  I will take what I can get.  So I am going to start from the beginning of our trip so I will have some record.
First the flight over was actually pretty good.  We paid for the extra 5 inches and I have to say it was worth it.  Now to decide if we are paying for it on the way home!  Jaden did great on the flight and slept a few hours.  I slept none but it wasn't bad.
I am not a fan of Beijing.  I mean the Great Wall was amazing and I am glad I got to see it but not a fan of the city.  Forbidden city and Tiananmen square were nice.  Jaden loved the rickshaw ride through the Houtong.  I feel like we got more stares in Beijing than in Warren's Province!  The Chinese have no problem staring at you which I have to get used to it again.  They love to come up to Jaden and speak Chinese to her but she is not a fan of this.  She has had a few that have taken pictures with her! 
The flight to Zhengzhou was short a sweet!  I was shocked at the size of Zhengzhou.  For some reason I was thinking we were going to a poorer area than Jaden's province and I could not have been further from the truth.  There were lots of new buildings mixed with the old of course.  The area seemed to be becoming more westernized.  There are lots of new cars on the road and so many scooters!  Of course they ride on the sidewalk and not the road!!  You take your live in your hands just trying to walk down the sidewalk!  Our hotel was nice but it seemed like when the golf tournament was over and Tiger Woods left the hotel so did the air conditioning!  Our room was hot.  We all joked about seeing Tiger Woods but I think I was the only one that did.  I went to the 5th floor to the playroom but I went on the wrong elevator so when I was waiting to go down out steps Tiger Woods and Rory M.  Of course I could have cared less but I will say that Rory said hi to the kids and was very nice while Tiger just looked and walked on!  Jerk!
Now our gotcha day!  First it was different than with Jaden because we actually had to go to a different building to get him.  When we got there and got off the bus the first thing I saw was Warren and Lucy getting out of their van!  I told Kim and we both started bawling!  We walked in the room and they handed them to us right away.  I did not even have time to get my camcorder out!!!  Rusty was the first to get him and Warren did great.  There were no tears on his part.  He let us hold him with no problem.  Jaden gave him a hug and told him she was his sister!  He started showing us right away that he is all boy!  He can really throw a ball! (watch out Ryan!)  Once we got back to the hotel I got him out of his layers.  His foot is a little worse than I thought.  There seems to be a big toe and a little toe bone but nothing in between.  His leg also seems shorter than the other.  The good thing is he does not let it slow him down one bit!  Our only problem so far has been shoes.  The ones we brought dont work and we haven't found any that do.  But he loves his socks!  When we first got him he did not like having his diaper changed or clothes changed, now he has no problem!
The day after we got him we had to drive 2 hours and 45 minutes to Zhoukou city where his orphanage was.  The city he is from was a lot larger than I expected!  There are over 11 million people in his city.  They did not want us to go to the orphanage but with a little pleading from myself and Kim they allowed us to at least stop outside and take pictures!  They were quick to close the gate so we could not walk in!  It looked nice from the outside.  They told us there are 200 kids in the orphanage.  100 that are Warren's age and younger and then 100 that are older.  We found out that Lucy and Warren were roommates along with another little boy who was adopted already named Nate!  There is no doubt that Warren and Lucy are super close.  She calls him brother and takes care of him.  Last night she cleaned his hand after every bite!  They both light up when they see each other!  We have already decided they will be getting married to each other!  We love their family and I am sure we will be seeing each other again soon!  
We only did one tour while in Henan and that was to a temple.  They also had a Kung Fu show there.  It was nice just to get out of the hotel.  I was not a fan of Henan cuisine.  I would much prefer the spicy Jiangxi food! 
The difference in the first time we were here three years ago and now is amazing.  I am sure a lot of it is to do with the fact that we were in two different Provinces but everything is changing!  Three years ago we would only see boys with their families but this year I think I have seen more girls than boys!!!  We also saw a lot of families with more than one child.  I feel like everyone here has an iphone!  But they still smoke everywhere and poop and pee everywhere!  But I can't say anything about that anymore since Jaden pooped on the Great wall and peed in a garbage can at the temple.  They told me it was ok for kids.  Jaden does not like to use the squatty potty.  I agree.  I made it all the way through Jaden's adoption and never saw a squatty potty but this trip I have rocked the squatty!  I still prefer western toilets! 
The flight to Guangzhou was no fun.  Warren cried just before take off and then slept the rest of the way along with Jaden!  The pilot did not make a great landing and you could see the plane rock back and forth.  Glad to be done with China Southern! 
Now that we are in Guangzhou it is great.  At first I was so upset that we were not staying at the White Swan hotel but not anymore!  Our hotel is GREAT!  We even have a Starbucks in the hotel!  McDonald's is right next door!  And you ca even drink the ice at McDONALDS!!!
Today we went to the Six Banyan Temple and Chen Academy which we did last time.  But last time it was so busy because they were having a celebration.  This time it was great.  I really enjoyed seeing what we had missed! After those stops we went shopping at a government store.  I was a lady on a mission.  Poor Rusty had no clue because he was relaxing having tea!  I knew what I wanted and just started putting it on their list.  50 minutes later and a couple hundred lighter I had almost everything.  Last time I felt like I just bought junk.  This time I had a few specific more expensive items I wanted for the kids.  The pearl factory is later this week where I am sure we will be making some more purchases! 
Now a little about Warren.  Warren is a hoot!  He is very vocal and outgoing.  He is stout.  There is just no way to carry him around without a stroller.  He seemed to have no discipline at the orphanage, well besides Lucy! :-)  He has been hearing no a lot!  He is fascinated with Jaden's hair which causes a lot of friction between the two.  Today at the store he hit Jaden hard!  Our guide was there and she ripped into him!  I think he is finally realizing he is not going to get away with everything!  I see a lot of time in the corner in his future!  At the same time he is a sweet happy boy.  He is finally letting me give him kisses.  If he hurts himself he comes right up to me to kiss it.  He does love his daddy and I am so thankful Rusty is really helping out this time. 
A few more days in Guangzhou and then one night in Hong Kong and we will be on our way home.  I can't wait!!!


  1. Thanks for the update -- so good to hear things are going well! You're in our thoughts and prayers for a safe journey home. Warren is adorable!

  2. You are so close to coming home!!! Cant wait to see you all!

  3. Can't wait to meet Warren, and for our boys to play:)